Episodios Sexta Temporada

6.01 Exile on Main Street
6.02 Two and a Half Men
6.03 The Third Man
6.04 Weekend at Bobby's
6.05 You can't Handle the Truth
6.06 Live Free or Twihard
6.07 Family Matters

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Entrevista a Sera Gamble - Inglés.

En breve traducido.

* There are "elements of mythology that are woven into the next two episodes," said Gable, who added that the episodes are "not quite" a two-parter, but there are story threads that tie the them together.
* If you want to know what kind of car Dean's driving in the March 26 episode, "It's a Terrible Life," that tidbit is below in the transcript. By the way, Gamble praised the work of guest star Kurt Fuller, the ubiquitous TV character actor who plays Dean's boss in the episode.
* Fans who've been wanting more Sam-centered episodes will get their wish. "There's a lot of really intense Sam stuff coming. Fans should be careful what they wish for. The Sam stuff -- it's not the sweet Sam from Stanford. I think Sam is going through the hardest stuff of his entire life."
* An episode later in the season will give viewers more information about the history of Castiel. "We talk about the character in the writers room, and we decided it was kind of time to go there, and ask some of the big questions about where his story comes from," Gamble said.
* Fans shouldn't worry too much about an upcoming episode titled "Jump the Shark," which may (or may not) introduce a third Winchester brother. "We are aware of the fact that introducing new family members in an advanced season of a show is an idea that ...has a lot of pitfalls. And then having that person tag along in the back of the Impala is probably something the fans wouldn't respond to positively," Gamble said. "I just hope the fans have a little faith in [creator] Eric [Kripke] about that. ... It's a good episode. But it's not the episode that's going to alter the formula of 'Supernatural' forever."
* We'll see Lilith before the season is over, and not necessarily as a child.
* We'll find out more about Ruby and how she fits into what's going on with Sam. We'll also see Pamela the psychic, Tessa the Reaper and, of course, Bobby.
* We'll see the Winchesters' mother again before the season's done, although Gamble wouldn't give any details about the appearance of Mary (Samantha Smith).
* As for Dean, "we will come to know the full extent of the angel's plan for Dean, the clockwork of everything that's been happening since Dean was pulled from Hell."
* As for a sixth season, Gamble had no idea if that could happen. "Everyone is talking about it as if it's five years. I don't really know. It's sort of a question for people wearing suits and ties."

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